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We work very hard to earn your trust and business every single day. We know that insurance isn't the most glamorous thing in the world, but we do know that when you need questions answered, or have just exprerienced a loss, you need us to be there for you. We also know that telling you how great we are isn't half as good as having other people speak for us. With that in mind, here are a few of our customers and what they had to say about us.

Andy, thanks for making my life so much easier. Before we moved our account to Barclay Insurance Services, we received very little guidance and that lack of guidance wound up costing us a lot of money. I'm confident that you're on top of things and you've provided a lot of valuable advice that has made a major impact on how we operate our business.

Gaines Kilpatrick, LLC

Re: Surety Bond


Thanks. This was a hurdle we had to jump that we feared would be difficult and you guys made it seem easy. I do appreciate your effort.

Steve & Debbie Franklin
Fore Construction, Inc.

We had a meeting at our office yesterday and I just want you to know that Jesse made a comment that he actually liked John.  I hope you take this as intended - Jesse dislikes all things insurance and he certainly rarely throws out a compliment when it comes to something that costs us so much money, present company excepted. 

So wanted to say "thank you" to Mary for the excellent referral and "thank you" to John for all your patience and hard work with us.  We really appreciate it!  From my perspective, it helps to have two such dedicated agents as yourselves allowing me one less thing to worry about on a daily basis.
Maureen Beckett
Beckett Electrical Service

We are pleased that Janis Beck has been our insurance agent for more than 20 years. She and her staff have worked tirelessly for us. 
I feel more secure about our business knowing that I can call her in an emergency and she will know what to do. Accessibility is very important to us, we have her email, home, office and cell phone numbers.  She is always there when we need her!
Susan E. Souby
Accounting Manager, Whole Earth Provision Co.

My name is Ellie Levine and I am an office manager for several small businesses in Austin.  Janis Beck has been the insurance agent for all of my various businesses over the past twenty years.  Janis has enabled me to choose the right insurance products for the particular industry we were dealing with.  She has always given me options in various price ranges (when there were options available).  I feel that she works diligently on my behalf and is always available and knowledgeable when I need assistance with claims, audits or any changes I may need during the year.  I feel very comfortable trusting that Janis is watching out for us throughout any insurance dealings.  She is friendly, helpful and experienced in all aspects of business insurance.  I would (and do!) recommend her to anyone who purchases insurance for their business.

Ellie Levine